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Santa Monica Ultra Functional Towel - TWL by NEONSUN



The "TWL" is more than a towel yet takes up half the space. We used to hate filling our bags and arms with towels only to have them drag us down, so we asked everyone what would make the best towel ever created. The result is our new high quality patent pending accessory for outdoor fun.

  • More Portable
  • More Functional
  • More Stylish


The TWL rolls up to the size of a Chipotle Burrito so it won’t take up much bag space, or use the embedded fabric magnets to hold it in wearable configurations that are crafted for style so you don’t look like you’re walking to the shower. Even better, the TWL has two pockets used to store your cellphone, money, and other valuables so they are always handy and don’t get lost or damaged in the elements. In researching how to create the best towel ever, we determined that one single material couldn’t balance the absorbency requirements with comfy compatibility, so we blended a highly absorbent microfiber with a 4-way stretch swim fabric to deliver an absorbent yet quick to dry towel that won’t hold onto sand, dirt, and grass.

The end result is an accessory that won’t slow down your day, but rather will keep it going.

Product Details:

  • 62" x 35"
  • 88% Polyester, 12% Polyamide
  • Removeable PVC Lining for both pockets included

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry 

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Type: Towels

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