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Evolved Sunglass Retainer with Pocket for Microfiber Cloth - Concept California - Neon Yellow

Concept California

Evolved Sunglass Retainer

[concept] Common sunglass straps only serve one purpose, but they should do more. We seamlessly integrated a small pocket and customized a microfiber cloth so you will always have a clean lens and a clearer view. We also shortened the overall length of the retainer so that it can either hang loosely behind your head or wrap tight to keep glasses secure during action.

[inspiration] Views. Getting past the break of a sizable swell with a stand-up paddle board can be a challenge that leaves your sunglasses with salty white dots that get in the way of looking out into the blue beyond. Most worthwhile outdoor activities can leave lenses dirty, so we developed the best way to ensure you’ll never be left without the ability to take in the amazing views you earned.

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